Welcome to Designer Leatherworks and CT Strickland Handcarving a Hummingbird in Leather


Welcome to Designer Leatherworks! We are all about high end design, and high quality handcraftsmanship! However, over the years leathercraft is becoming a dying art in some places. Since we appreciate time-tested traditional working and tooling leather, we are doing much to keep this fine art alive. As an example, our company produces fine leather goods totally by hand. To learn more about the western style art of tooling leather, check out this article on the ABC’s of Leathercraft from the Tandy Leather website. We use many of these methods to make our guitar straps and accessories.

Establishing our Brand

Although, this site showcases a variety of handcrafted leather products, our most famous brand is CT Music Straps. We started making professional grade instrument straps for the show and stage in 2003. This brand of high end custom instrument straps is road tested and performed with on stages across the world. Award-winning recording artist, Rhonda Vincent was the first to test our custom mandolin straps. Likewise, many of our other clients are pretty high profile award-winning recording artists, such as Grammy winner, Norah Jones. You will find some of these artists with their instrument gear by navigating through our menu or stop by our Instagram for CT Music Straps.

American Handcrafted Accessories

In addition to straps our promotion extends to fashion accessories such as the Montana based, 48 North Designs. In contrast to tooling leather, these pieces showcase a more simplistic and clean appearance. For example, the artisan utilizes decorative cuts and special shapes to create uniqueness. In addition light acrylic paint highlights accent the appearance of accessories such as the stacked feather style earrings. In some cases we embellish with Swarovski crystals or gemstones. We are continuously adding content on a regular basis. So check our Shop page often. Meanwhile check out our About Section to learn about our Company and what we Do.

Designer Leatherworks

We are making some changes that we trust will create a better customer experience. So once again, welcome to Designer Leatherworks! Interested in learning more about American handcrafted leather products? Read our pages and view our gallery images. To follow the journey, navigate our menu and the History of how C.T. Strickland, our founder started working with leather. He still offers instruction, so check often for our latest in Leathercraft Classes. If you are interested in commissioning a custom project, you must request a price quote. There will often be a waiting list so we ask your patience. If you have questions about our any of our handcrafted products, please use our Contact Form.

About the author

C.T. Strickland is the founder and owner of Designer Leatherworks and CT Music Straps. Leather craftsman since 1976.