The following are some exceptions for business conditions: We are not a taxidermist or tannery so we do not accept raw, untanned skins of any type. In general, we do not work with exotic skins but with domestic leathers, we procure for you so we can control the quality.  We have the right to refuse certain design graphics that conflict with the values of our company and investors. By moving forward with your order you agree to comply with our policies. Read below for exceptions on minors and gifts.

Special Materials

When we must special order leathers, gems, crystals, settings, and other materials that we do not normally stock; we may bill an additional surcharge up to the full price of the special item.

Parental Consent for Minors

(Paying Customers: If you are 18 or older, skip this section and return to Terms) .

We respect family values and parental authority. First, if you are under 18 years of age, we require confirmation by phone from your parent or legal guardian. This creates peaceful relationships, as well as the ability to meet the price quote, deposit and delivery expectations. In addition, where parents relinquish authority to 3rd parties such as management groups we consider these competent to act on behalf of the client who is a minor.

Liability Exemption Clause

(Additional exceptions for business conditions: Instrument Straps and Gun Slings in particular)
Designer Leatherworks, CT Music Straps or any of its representatives are not responsible for any damage done to the client’s musical instrument – with straps, or Firearms – with gun slings, after delivery has taken place, upon receipt, and all modifications to the strap are completed with the final fitting. Future adjustments in regards to the “hole attachment tightness” and connections are not included after initial fitting due to normal wear and tear, although a representative will be more than happy to assess the strap and determine a surcharge.

Gifts and Certificates

Our terms agreement is with the buyer. Therefore in the case of gifts, the buyer is responsible to provide correct size and selection information. Once any phase of the project has begun, we are not responsible for the response of 3rd party recipients. In addition, gift certificates must match our records with a valid buyer’s name and value amount.