Our Handcrafted High Quality Straps are made in the USA

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Custom Instrument Straps – (No Longer Available -Read More)

Standard Straps

Our handcrafted Standard Straps are made in the USA. We handcraft leather straps for guitar, mandolin, and banjo. Our artisans build with quality materials and craftsmanship. When we build standard straps we determine the design. Customers order these with little input. Standard straps are simple and clean. They are faster to make and low maintenance.

Custom Straps

We are no longer taking new orders for custom straps. Custom-Made-to-Order Instrument Straps were the foundation upon which this company was orignally founded. Due to the large amount of time we have devoted to the detail in making custom straps, and time constraints on our staff it has been very hard to keep up with the many orders we sold and designed. Though these were beautiful works of art that will no doubt endure for many years, we had to make this tough but necessary judgment call. We anticipate continuing to produce fine handcrafted standard leather pieces of our own style, just no longer custom pieces.

Our Service

In addition, we provide design consultation to assist our clients with selections. Our designers advise according to the price estimate. This guides customers through the process to create the strap of their dreams. We send progress updates for Customers to review and approve at each stage of their project. The artisan then precisely crafts each custom strap to the customer’s specifications. Since all these details take time, there is often have a waiting list.

Our Brand

Above all, CT Music Straps Inc. is known for unique, elegant instrument gear. Similarly, our brand of straps is mostly used to showcase a band theme. They often tell the life story of a musician, for instance. Furthermore, award-winning touring musicians, such as The Isaacs, literally road test our products, proving their value. Due to this exposure, our recording artists create a demand among both their peers and the public fan base.