Designer Leatherworks: American Handcrafted Accessories

Designer Leatherworks

Thanks for stopping by to check out our website! At Designer Leatherworks we skillfully hand craft genuine leather products totally in America. Could it be that like us, you really appreciate American Handcrafting?

American handcrafting high end, beautifully crafted leather goods by CT Music Straps and 48 North Designs is what we do. These range from earrings, and bracelets to designer belts. Most notably, are the fine tooled and Swaroski crystal embellished musical instrument straps. Also, Talented artisans handcraft both of these brands totally in America.

CT Music Straps

The brand, CT Music Straps, symbolizes high-end designer guitar straps, mandolin straps, and banjo straps built in North Carolina. As a matter of fact, these are the instrument straps that grace many stages worldwide including the Grand Ole Opry. Award-winning artists like Rhonda Vincent, The Isaacs, Lorraine Jordan, and Norah Jones are some of our discerning customers.

48 North Designs

On the other hand, 48 North Designs from Montana, handcrafts clean, simple leather earrings and bracelets. Due to the nature of a minimalist design, the earrings are not heavy to wear. While some bracelets are progressive and trendy, the others are classic and timeless. They also offer a variety of styles and colors. Though these are not custom, the design team continuously adds to its standard product line. See our e-commerce Shop to order these.

Original Designs

First of all, whether standard hand crafted or custom made-to-order, we listen to customers. Secondly, Designer Leatherworks collaborates with designers and artisans to produce original leather craft. For custom projects, this often means lots of communication with our clients. Last, but not least, we help the customer visualize. We hand sketch layouts-getting approval each step of the way. You can check out some of these very unique projects in our Galleries and on our Instagram.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We skillfully hand craft genuine leather products totally in America. Because of this, our greatest attention is given to quality in design and function. In contrast, we invest more time and money to continuously improve our product.

In the early years, we pioneered special designs in our custom mandolin Straps. Also, we built greater strength on front connections for our F-5 strap offerings. Furthermore, we offer very innovative design effects for our guitar straps. Likewise, we make our Banjo Straps wide to comfortably distribute the weight of high-end banjos. In addition, our adjustable connection strips for these neatly tuck behind the tension rods. As a result, this provides for a more streamlined appearance and better balance.